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Propspeed Application

Propspeed for Marine Maintenance



Propspeed, the original and best performing foul-release coating in the industry, has been tried and tested around the world for over 21 years, consistently delivering customers the same result –improved boat performance, lower fuel and operational costs, sustained value of their investment, all while keeping the vessel’s running gear looking its best.


✅ All-in-one Protection. Defense againstmarine growth & corrosion.

✅ Superior Adhesion to Metal. Strong, long lasting Adhesion to Metals.

✅ Protects underwater metal assets for 12-24 months.

✅ Biodice FREE – Meaning that instead of killing marine growth with toxins and contributing to further environmental impacts, it creates a slick surface that prevents marine growth from attaching to underwater assets.

✅ Substantial reduction in anode loss, improve efficiencies, and avoid degradation to metals on your vessel. Minimise time and costs.

Any marine growth that does form is easily wiped away or falls off through propeller or vessel movement. Dealing with invasive aquatic species is a complex and challenging issue that the commercial marine sector in particular faces with real environmental and financial impacts. 

How often should I re-apply Propspeed?

This all depends on the usage and storage of your vessel. Boats that live afloat or that are used regularly should be checked every year to assess whether it needs reapplying. Boats that live ashore and have been washed down may only need a fresh coat of propspeed every other year.

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