Force One Durable Sealer

Protective Coating for Marine Paints

Force One

Harbourforce Force-1 is a clear, ready-to-use coating solution that protects smooth, non-absorbent surfaces against diesel soot and acid rain staining. Based on a hybrid organo-silane resin, Force-1 forms an impermeable barrier layer that bonds chemically with the substrate and cures at room temperature with atmospheric humidity. The surface protected with Force-1 can be cleaned repeatedly without reapplying the product. Force-1 is easily removed, and is designed for annual removal and recoating. Force-1 is recommended for polished, non-absorbent surfaces such as two-component paints (polyurethane or epoxy systems), gel-coat and polyester paints. The preferred use is for the exterior of marine vessels & Aircraft.


Force-1 will not cause painting issues and can be sanded off with the current paint layer. It consists of silicone resins, not oils, and will not cause paint defects.


Force-1 can be removed by a polishing machine using a cutting compound or machine polishing if the paint beneath requires restoration.
If the paint is in good condition see the section below.


If the paint is in good condition or has been recently polished Force-1 can be removed with our removal gel.
This selectively etches the Force-1 and does not touch the paint beneath. Re-coating can be performed once the paint is clean and dry.