Gold Coast

Premium antifouling service on the Gold Coast

Harbourforce Marine provides a premium antifouling service on the Gold Coast and beyond. We have over 17 years of experience in maintaining, detailing and repairing boats.

Our technicians are skilled in boat antifouling, detailing and repair. They have the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of your personal or business project.
Conveniently located at Gold Coast City Marina (GCCM), Coomera, Queensland.

We also extend our services to other Marinas.

What is Antifoul?

Fouling is the process of marine buildup on the areas of your boat that remain underwater for an extended length of time.
Antifouling is the process of removing marine growth by applying a protective paint layer to the bottom of your vessel.

Why Should I Antifoul?

By leaving your boat in the water with no protection, you are letting marine life grow and attach to your boat, increasing your boat’s fuel consumption and slowing the boat down on the water. This growth of marine algae can significantly affect the performance of your hull and your fuel efficiency. Heavy levels of growth on the hull can slow powerboats by 5knots and could increase fuel consumption by over 30%!

How often should I Antifoul?

This all depends on the usage and storage of your vessel. Boats that live afloat or that are used regularly should be checked every year to assess whether it needs reapplying. Boats that live ashore and have been washed down may only need antifouling every other year.

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