Gold Coast

Premium maintenance service on the Gold Coast

If you want to keep your boat looking like new, nothing is more important than keeping up with basic boat maintenance. … Gelcoat—in good condition—is that tough, glossy exterior finish that protects the underlying fiberglass from salt, … have on your boat, proper care is the key to keeping them look good …

Boat maintenance, as a whole, is actually quite similar to automobile maintenance. There are a few very basic items that require constant maintenance which the owner normally takes care of, and a few items that require maintenance at regular intervals which some owners deal with but most people leave to the professionals. Any basic boat maintenance checklist would include the following items…


Boat Maintenance Checklist:

1. Engine(s)

2. The boat's hull (bottom) & topsides

3. Electrical Systems

4. Plumbing & HVAC Systems (bigger boats)

5. Moving parts (like hinges, tracks & zipper)

6. Canvas & Upholstery